Roofing is the removal and replacement of the old roofing system on your home.

The process can involve all parts of your roof, including the shingles. For most homeowners, the roofing process can be overwhelming at times.

But, if you hire Trudel Roofing to complete your roofing project, we make the entire process easy and worry-free for you. Each roof receives our industry-leading quality and attention to craftsmanship. We complete all necessary steps, from the removal of your old roof to the installation of the new roof system to your satisfaction.

Specifically, here are the steps we follow for roofing your home. Our roofing process is used for all our roofing projects, ensuring the roof is completed on time and in a proper manner. With a newly installed roof system following our re-roofing process, we ensure your home will be protected for years to come.

So, you know what to expect, here’s Trudel Roofing’s step-by-step roofing process.

Initial contact and estimation

  • Our customer contacts Trudel Roofing for a free roofing estimate. There are several options for contacting us – phone at 204.232.3360, email at or via our website’s request a quote form.
  • Once contacted, the estimator will book a date and time which works best with your schedule to come to the home and complete the estimation.
  • For your appointment, the estimator will arrive on the date specified by the customer, knock on the door and greet themselves as an employee of Trudel Roofing wearing a company uniform. They will be ready to discuss the project at hand, what the customer needs are, and results expected from the project. Then, the estimator will conduct their estimate on the roof, inspecting the entire roof surface. During the inspection, the estimator will ensure to highlight and report problematic areas.
  • The estimator supplies the requested quote with all the discussed variables wanted to the customer. When the estimated quote is accepted, we move on to schedule your project.

Roofing project scheduling

  • We work with you to schedule the roofing project for the next available opening we have.
  • We take care of everything else. The roofing materials, including new shingles, required for your project are ordered.
  • The roofing materials we ordered are delivered to your property by our product suppliers 1-3 days before installation. However, if your job requires different delivery requirements, we strive to work with you and can make same day delivery, in some situations, if necessary.

The day of your roofing installation appointment

  • On the day scheduled for your roof system installation, the installers will arrive at 7:00 am.
  • The installers will walk around your property, conducting a worksite perimeter check and will move any obstacles which could be damaged. For other objects which aren’t moveable, we cover with tarps or plywood where needed, such as decks and valuable property that is heavy.
  • Once everything is protected, the work starts with the installers removing the old shingles from the roof. The removed debris from your roof is tossed into a dump trailer. Then, with all the old materials off, the roof decking is swept off, and the eavestroughs are cleaned out. In the event of finding some rotten plywood or roof decking, the customer will be notified, and it will be replaced at a cost per square foot.

We’re ready to install your new roof system

Roofing – Step #1: drip edge flashing

We start by installing drip edge flashing at your roof’s edge to help prevent water from running behind your eavestrough. It is not an industry requirement, but it’s a best practice Trudel Roofing recommends as a great addition to any roofing system.

Roofing – Step #2: ice and water shield

Next up, we install ice and water shields at your eavestroughs edge, roof valleys, and areas prone to ice build-ups, such as around chimneys and vents. The shield is a peel and sticks self-adhering membrane that is an absolute must for every roofing project. It seals to your roof deck to prevent ice and wind-driven rain from reaching your roof decking surface, keeping your home and you dry.

Roofing – Step #3: synthetic underlayment

After the shield, we install synthetic underlayment to the entire roof deck. This underlayment is a new industry standard and a Trudel Roofing best practice for all re-roofing projects. Unlike conventional asphalt saturated felt, the synthetic underlayment doesn’t dry out or crack. It’s safer for the installers and a better product for the consumer. However, a roof does not require it to be installed to be waterproof. But, for peace of mind, of having a second layer of protection, it’s a great addition to your roofing project.

Roofing – Step #4: perimeter shingles

Once the waterproofing materials are installed, we start installing Swiftstart starter shingles around the perimeter of the roof. The starter shingles have an additional sealing band to help seal to the shingles that will be exposed to the elements the most.

Roofing – Step #5: CertainTeed Landmark shingles

After the perimeter is installed, we complete the shingling with CertainTeed Landmark shingles! These shingles are a magnificent product that the entire Trudel Roofing team stands behind. The CertainTeed Landmark shingles have one of the best wind ratings in the industry due to the exceptional construction and airtight sealants. Check out the manufacturer’s warranty for CertainTeed Landmark shingles on their website!

Roofing – Step #6: Other roof components

Towards the end of the re-shingling, we install all new premium roof components including attic vents, thermoplastic plumbing flashings, fan/exhaust vents and ridge venting. The installation of new components will ensure your new roof system will function at peak performance for years.

Roofing – Step #7: ridge caps

Finally, nearly one of the final steps is to install Shadowridge ridge capping shingles. The specially shaped shingles are installed on the hips and peaks of your roof to be the last part of the shingling process. Ask us about upgrading to Mountain Ridge ridge caps for a look that will make your home’s roof stand out.

For a full product list and descriptions for the shingles, ridge caps, waterproofing materials, and other roof components, visit our product suppliers page.

Roofing – Step #8: roof clean-up

Once the roof system is fully installed, it will be blown off with a leaf blower. The ground surrounding the perimeter of your home will be carefully covered by a magnet to pick up any nails that may have fallen. All the obstacles which were moved when the project started will be moved back to where they were. Other than your brand-new roof, the property and your belongings will look like we were never there!

Roofing – Step #9: internal roof inspection

All roofing work is inspected by the owner of Trudel Roofing, Andrew Trudel, ensuring our work meets our standards before presenting the finished product to you. Once we confirm all work as satisfactory and we have exceeded your expectations, we invite you to review.

Roofing – Step #10: customer roof inspection and payment

Together, we review the roof system furthering increasing your comfort level with us. Once you’re satisfied with the resulting service, we accept payment in the form of cash, cheque, e-transfer or major credit card.

It’s never to early to start discussing and planning for your new roofing system project. For all your re-roofing needs contact Trudel Roofing – by phone at 204.232.3360, by email at or via our website’s request a quote form.


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