Sometimes getting a whole new roofing system isn’t in the budget. Other times, after reviewing your roof our recommendation may be that a new roof isn’t necessary.

In some situations, having us complete a roof repair might be your safest bet. As your trusted industry professionals, we will guide you towards our recommendations, which are dependent on numerous factors discovered during our review of your roof system.

What does a roof repair include?

At Trudel Roofing a roof repair can range from installing missing shingles caused by wind damage, installing additional ventilation, or installing new flashing or other materials to parts of your roof system. Each situation and the customer will require different needs based on the age of their home, the age of their current roof system, specific problems they’ve encountered with their roof, and other factors that have led for them to contact us.

Sometimes the best option isn’t to replace your roof system. If your having an issue with your roof but feel it’s not the time for a new roof. Or, if you want a second opinion, contact Trudel Roofing and we can help you find the right remedy for your roofing issues.

Work with us and get your home the quality roof repairs it needs from a trusted name in Winnipeg roofing. For all your roof repair needs contact Trudel Roofing – by phone at 204.232.3360, by email at or via our website’s request a quote form.


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