We live in Winnipeg, a climate where we know snow is inevitable each year. As weather conditions change throughout the winter, the snow on your roof can melt and then refreeze as ice.

When ice forms on the rooftop surface it can lead to extensive damage to the roofing material. Depending on the amount of ice, it can potentially damage the exterior finishing on your home. In some severe situations, the buildup of ice on your roof can also cause damage to the interior of your home.

Your home’s roof versus ice dams

When the buildup of snow and ice on your roof causes drainage, damage and other roofing-related issues, they are known “Ice Dams.” Ice dams can be combated with precautions, which are key to a sound roofing system on your home.

Keys to a sound roofing system

  • Have adequate ventilation for your homes roof to make sure your attic space is free of moisture due to condensation and stays dry.
  • Make sure your home is properly insulated. Inadequate insulation makes your home lose a lot of heat, creating ice in unwanted places and making your utility bills higher!

Other factors which can cause ice dams

Roof slope

Even with a sound roofing system in place, these precautions aren’t foolproof in preventing ice dams. Some roof slopes can cause the roof to receive more sunlight during the day, which translates to creating more ice.

Wind and snow drifts

Wind is another factor which dictates whether ice dams form. Having prevailing winds blowing snow around can create snow drifts on your roof. The snow drifts formed by wind movement are usually heavier and crusted onto the roof – which makes them even more difficult to remove.

Excessive snowfall

Large amounts of snow falling during a short period doesn’t give the roofing system, your shingles and eavestrough, enough time to drain properly. In a typical Winnipeg winter, there are likely three to five significant snowfalls which can cause immediate ice dams.

Roof snow removal prevents ice dams

The simplest way to prevent further complications formed by ice dams on your roof is for proactive roof snow removal. During the winter months, Trudel Roofing offers a full snow removal service for your roof which helps prevent ice dams from forming. Along with removal services, we have the tools required to remove ice dams should they have formed. Our roof snow removal service allows you to stay warm inside while we ensure your roof system doesn’t become damaged.

As part of our roof snow removal services, we offer

  • Total rooftop snow removal on sloped roofs up to a 6/12 pitch (other pitches become nearly impossible to walk on when snow covered). Prices for full rooftop snow removal vary according to homes size,
  • Clearing channels in the ice dams already formed to promote drainage,
  • Installing heating cable in high-risk areas to prevent ice dams,
  • After the snow and ice is removed from your home’s roof, we will ensure all your home’s walkways, driveways, and decks are all cleared of the snow we removed.

Ventilation Stack Clean Outs

Your ventilation pipe (also called a stack or flue) for the sewer system of your house can become clogged with debris from trees in the fall and then may freeze solid during the winter. If your toilet or tub gurgles when you drain them, you may have a ventilation problem. And depending on where the clog is in the house’s ventilation pipe, it may prevent proper drainage from happening entirely. Most plumbers won’t go on a roof to fix this problem, Trudel Roofing will. We know what Winnipeg winters bring to homeowners. We have cleared many frozen and blocked ventilation pipes for our customers. Call us. Sometimes your roofer is also your best plumbing solution. Contact us to discuss.

Buy yourself peace of mind this winter. To book our roof snow removal services contact us – by phone at 204.232.3360 or by email at info@trudelroofing.ca or via our website’s request a quote form.


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