At Trudel Roofing we are more than just roofers.

We can help with your aluminum exterior finishes as well. Our team of experts can install aluminum soffit, fascia and eavestroughs on your home.

We use aluminum products allowing the exterior finishes to be almost entirely maintenance-free. Cleaning the exterior finishes is easy too – they can be cleaned simply with a garden hose. In addition to working with our product suppliers, we also provide custom-made aluminum products for homes with more intricate areas.

Since starting the company in 2009, owner Andrew Trudel makes it his mission to be hands-on with every job. He’s always available to answer any questions you as the customer may have. For every roof system we install at Trudel Roofing, Andrew is onsite and conducts the final inspection and quality assurance checks, ensuring your roof is installed to his high standards. We aspire to conduct every job with honesty, integrity and in a professional manner and we look to earn your trust as Winnipeg’s leading roofing company.

Aluminum Soffit

The aluminum soffit is located on the underside of the overhang on the edges of your roof line. The soffit is crucial on any home since in Manitoba we have very cold winters and very hot summers. The soffit allows air to flow up into the attic and out the roof vents to help keep your attic space the same temperature as outside your home. Properly installed soffit will help eliminate the chance of condensation and ice build-up in your attic.

Aluminum Fascia

Aluminum fascia is installed over your fascia boards surrounding the perimeter of the roof. The fascia keeps moisture and the elements out with the bonus of being virtually maintenance-free with no repainting required.

Aluminum Eavestrough

We recommend using five-inch continuous aluminum eavestroughs for nearly all homes. The eavestrough is installed at the bottom edge of the roof to collect water and divert it away from your home’s foundation. The eavestroughs are made right on the job site, measured and cut to your home’s specific needs and are seamless.

A great way to compliment your new aluminum eavestroughs is to install gutter guards – making the eavestrough nearly maintenance-free. With gutter guards, you remove the need to clean your eavestroughs annually. The additional feature is perfect if you live in an area with many trees. Gutter guards can be installed to existing eaves troughing or with a new eavestrough installation. We use the T-Rex aluminum gutter guard kit that doubles as your eavestrough’s hanger system. Besides the added benefits of maintenance-free, we use this hanger product as it has the most strength in the industry.

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